Calibrating on-site means traveling to our client's premises and doing all the physical calibration there. All certification takes place at our office premises whereupon completion, documentation is either posted or delivered to the client. The benefit of this option is that it minimizes production time lost. All on-site calibration done gets an in-house certification at this time. 


We perform repairs on a wide variety of measuring instruments. When we receive a defective or broken instrument, it is examined and inspected to first ascertain if a repair is possible. A quotation will then follow. We are aware of the costs involved in purchasing new measuring instruments, so we strive to keep these costs as LOW as possible.


In-House certificates are given to all work done for which we do NOT yet have accreditation status. These calibrations, however, are still controlled and monitored by our Quality system that is based on ISO/IEC 17025.


Although our business mainly consists of calibration and repairs, we are willing to supply our customers with measuring instruments upon request. Please note that the calibration of newly bought instruments is necessary unless a calibration certificate is already provided.