All balances and scales need regular calibration. Equipment results can drift due to age and the conditions they are used in. This obviously can lead to major errors in readings.

Calibration is most important for new equipment, as it needs to be done on-site before use. Most balances and scales cannot be used "straight out of the box" with any guarantee of accuracy.

WP Instrument Services will supply calibration certificates as required.


Professional Balance & Scale servicing from WP Instrument Services

To guarantee the accuracy of readings throughout the equipment lifetime, we recommend that equipment is kept in a clean safe working condition and serviced at regular intervals. Depending on customer requirements this can be from annual to monthly or anywhere in between, which would typically include:

  • Advice on onsite location and use of equipment

  • A reading check

  • Stripping and cleaning

  • Fitting of parts where applicable

  • Re-assembly

  • Adjustments

  • Equipment test

  • Final calibration


Onsite and callout services are available.


Quality Equipment Repair from WP Instrument Services

If you have a problem with your weighing equipment, we may be able to offer repair as we carry a wide range of spare parts for obsolete machines. No charge is made for workshop repair quotations, please CONTACT US to discuss.


Repairs and servicing of equipment are available for any customers located both within and out of our coverage area on a send and return basis.


Our reputation for attention to detail and individual, quality service ensures that many of our customers come to us through personal recommendations.

We also offer sales of all major manufacturers, a wide range of new, used, and ex-demonstration machines available. Microbalances, analytical & top-up balances, industrial and medical scales. CONTACT US to discuss your balance or scale needs.

Products by Industry we Calibrate, Service, Repair or Supply:

Industrial Scales:

  • Indicators

  • Counting Scales

  • Hanging Scales

  • Digital Platform Scales

  • Industrial Platform Scales

  • Mechanical Platform Scales

  • Pallet Jacks & Axle Weighers

Medical Scales:

  • Accessories

  • Adult Scales

  • Baby Scales

Retail Scales:

  • Printing Scales

  • Check Weighers

  • Receiving Scales

  • Price Computing Scales

  • Coin & Note Counters

Agricultural Scales:

  • Livestock Scales

  • Veterinarian Scales

Laboratory Scales:

  • Digital Balances

  • Mechanical Balances

Industrial Accessories:

  • Weights 

  • Load Cells